My own bike

Today I met with my colleague Hoang and his friend who has a lot of experience with motor bikes. First we met a guy who wanted to sell his bike, but it wasn’t in a good shape. Some parts were loose and others did not worked. The second bike we inspected was one I saw a few days ago in the shop where till bought his one. We checked it and everything worked fine, it just made an annoying noise while driving. The third one was in a store that Hoangs friend knew. Here it is:


This bike was for sale at 8 mio (~330€). But after we found some minor flaws like a small oil leakage and no mirrors (just the useless one you can see on the picture) and some negotiation by Hoangs friend we got the price down to 7 mio (~290€) and they fix the oil leakage. For another 125k (~5€) they also changes the oil.

They have a really nice habit: When I payed the bike the vendor gave me back 10k Dong – that’s for good luck, I will keep it with me.

So that’s it, my new Bike – I still need to get a picture with the new mirrors. We got them for another 60k Dong in another shop. Copying the key was only 30k Dong.
Compared to all of this, the rental bike I had was 500k / week. So basically my new bike is „paied“ after 14 weeks, plus I can sell it again before I leave.



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