DS-Timer in english!

German? Watch here: DS-Timer Deutsch

DS = „Die Stämme“, the German name of the game

This small tool can help you in the browsergame „Tribal Wars“ to time your attacks more precisely. The tool will sync it’s clock with the TW-Time Server and provides a clock that shows you millisecond. Additional there are some visual helps to time your attacks as good as possible.


Discussion at TW BoardVote 4 DS-Timer


  1. Download
  2. Run the Setup with default options (Language: English)
  3. DS-Timer will start after the setup

Screens are in German, but the program is available in English as well!

Mini Timer Alarm Angriffsplaner

DS-Timer needs an internet connection for the following actions:

  • Connect to the update server.
  • Connect to the time server.
  • Ping function to calculate the response time to the TW Server.


  • The software will check for updates at startup once a day. Instalation of Updates is optional.
  • After the first start you should open the options window and select your TW server.
  • There are many tooltips in the program. They can help you to find the function you need.
  • If you find any words in German, please report.

Support: Report Bugs & Request Features in the Bugtracker

New Features:

  • Support all tribal wars server. You can even add your own. There are 11 servers preconfigured.


DS-Timer (731.34 kB) 43641 hits - Download

21 thoughts on “DS-Timer in english!

    • I guess u using a proxy or VPN where connection to the time server is not possible. I found this issue my self some time ago. I can upload a fix but that might avoid the program from synchronizing the time.

  1. hi

    just installed ur tools, i’m french and play on tribalwar.net
    so my windows time is french time TW time +1h
    i launched ur tools but the tools don’t sync it’s clock to the TW server, it keep my windows time in it’s clock

    • The tool takes the timezone from your PC. So it uses the same offset as the windows clock. That’s obviously wrong, I will try to find out the TW times or provide an option to adjust the timezone in the settings.
      Will be in the next patch.

  2. Hallo!
    Ich habe den DS-Timer runtergeladen.
    Ich habe auch Dörfer hinzugefügt, nur kann ich diese nicht sofort (durch zB doppelklick)in den Angriffsplaner einfügen.
    Das wäre schön :).

    I downloaded the DS timer.
    I also added villages, but I can not insert them immediately (for example, by double click) in the attack planner.
    That would be nice :).

    • Sorry, but I can not translate it to Polish myself. It would take more time than I have to create a possibility for the community to translate it. Mybe I will offer a general „Translation file“ that can be edited by anyone for any language.

    • Hi Ana,
      with the latest update DS-Timer support all Servers. Some are already included, but it is also possible to add new ones. Just check the settings.

    • Korean servers do work in the latest version since today. Maybe you have to add it manually in the settings. Please tell me if you have troubles.

  3. downloaded but when i run it just freeze my comp (Opera browser).
    im – still – using winxp and have .net framework 4 installed.
    is there any more software that need to be installed prior to use this tool ?

  4. Hey i have been using ds timer for a while but today i have encountered a problem with the mini timer instead of flashing orange and then green it continues to flash red and resets to a 24 hour clock.

    Clock is on 13.12.2014
    http://gyazo.com/ccf4a733b7220143a7f7a5b93aac75ba <— like so
    Its as if its then picking it up as 14th

    If i stick the clock back to the 12.11.2014
    http://gyazo.com/996f24792b3fa377dd679ac1fa0896b7 <— fine again

    Hopefully you can help i can still use it its just annoying because the clock resets and is not doing what it is suppose to do.

    • Sorry, I can’t see whats the problem is here. Looks like your local clock is around 12.11.2014 13:06. So it seems to be okay, that it is flashing red before the attack and green afterwards. What exactly resets?

  5. I`m adding information to my issue :

    Error :
    Incompatible Application Detected

    DS-Timer is incompatible.

    Windows 7 x64, .NET 4.5.1

    The program simply doesn`t start, I can see the process running in task manager however.

  6. Hello,

    this tool is fantastic. However its very hard to learn. When using attack planner I thought it gave alarms automatically, but it doesn’t. There are options if you right click but all are in German :( I guessed which one I needed and I *think* I figured it out, but I am not sure. If there is any way google translate can be used to update this to English that would be great! :) Thank you for your hard work and this awesome tool!

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